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Foosball Table Setup And Foosball Assembly Instructions

Warrior Foosball Table Setup and Foosball Table Assembly Instructions

Foosball Table Setup & Foosball Assembly Instructions

This Warrior table can be built in just 25 minutes!

Nobody likes to spend hours putting together their brand new foosball table.  Foosball table setup and assembly should be simple and quick.  Unlike most other foosball tables that take three-plus hours and all kinds of tools to build, the warrior foosball table setup and foosball assembly instructions only require one small tool and can be assembled in just 25 minutes. This foosball table setup is by far the safest and easiest to assemble a foosball table. Keep those other tools in the garage!

The Warrior Foosball Table is simple enough for kids to set up and assemble.  In fact, kids also find it a lot of fun and a great learning experience.  Your kids will have a blast putting together their new foosball table and then telling their friends what they built at home. When you put this table together at the office, don’t let your boss know how easy it was and perhaps you’ll get that bonus you been waiting on.  To make your foosball table assembly instructions even easier we supplied a short informational video to assist in your every need. Remember to start by watching the video or reading the simple foosball table setup manual below so that you complete the foosball table assembly correctly the first time around. This will ensure proper cabinet structure along with safe installation. After the simple assembly and some vigorous practice sessions on shooting and passing skills.  For more information check out our Foosball Blog.  See you on the Warrior Pro Foosball Tour!


Video Instructions

Foosball Table Assembly

Split Bearing and Rod Installation

Assembly Instructions For Warrior Foosball Tables
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Bearing installation video

Assembly video for split bearings
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Force 8 Set up

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Assembly Instructions For Warrior Foosball Table Stability Upgrade
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Stability Upgrade

Click on picture for written instructions

Assembly Instructions For Warrior Foosball Table Stability Upgrade
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