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Foosball Beer Pong Table -

Bringing Foosball into the 21st Century. Brand New Warrior Foosball Beer Pong table creates fun, exciting options for players of all ages. Easily switches between a Pro Foosball table and Beer Pong Table. Add the additional ramps and backboards and you get the amazing Foosball Beer Pong Table. Advanced players can even defend against shots making it a new challenge for every player. Hours of enjoyment and perfect for any game room!!

Features Warrior Professional Foosball table -Unlike some tables, our Warrior Professional Foosball Table will be delivered to your front doorstep. Warrior the official table of the Professional Foosball Tour is a top caliber, durable, player friendly table that is made for the professional player and available to the general public and perfect for youth programs. Players that have tried the table are amazed on what they can do and the ball control they obtain. Play is far advanced to other tables, you will be able to perform all shots and even bank shots are easier. Now you can truly play your best game
This tournament quality table from Warrior Table Soccer will retail for the MSRP $1199, but for a limited introductory time you can get this revolutionary combination table for only $799.00, plus shipping and handling. .

This table will be a hit for everyone.

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56 inches long x 30 inches wide x 36 inches high – Foosball Table
93″ L x 32″ W x 36″ H – Foosball Beer Pong Table
Beer Pong conversion kit
Ramps for Foosball Beer Pong
10 hole cup holder and center insert for bounce shots
2 Pro game Yellow Logo foosballs
2 extra men
pin punch
Does not include cups & ping pong balls.

Weight: approximate 225 lbs complete

Warrior Foosball Beer Pong Table
Warrior Table Soccer Foosball Table

Warrior Table Soccer Foosball Table

Foosball Beer Pong Kit to be added to existing table

Includes everything you need to transform your table into a Party table.
Beer Pong conversion kit.
Ramps for Foosball Beer Pong.
10 hole cup holder and center insert for bounce shots.
Optional use backboards.
Does not include cups & ping pong balls.
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