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Customer Foosball Testimonials

Foosball Testimonials from customers who have purchased a foosball table from Warrior Table Soccer.

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Mikey B
August 9, 2018

I am very pleased with the new additions you have added to your table. I have 2 Warrior Professional Foosball Tables and love them both.
The new rubber swivel feet made it really easy to level on our tile floor. And it really doesn’t move at all when me and my friends are playing on it.
We also love the new split bearings our shots come our faster and the rods move smoothly. And its great how you can simply place the rods in without having to take any men off.
I highly recommend this table and the rod guards are a must when it comes to having children around.

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Robbie B
September 9, 2017

I really encourage people to get the New Warrior Foosball Table. Simply put you can’t find a comparable table at that great price.
I couldn’t believe how easy it was to put the rods in and putting it together was really easy. Course I watched the video first so that helped out a lot.
Like they say you can really shoot any shot and my children are loving it. With the new sturdy rod guards me and my wife can watch tv and not worry about the kids and their friends.
My friends really like the new bearings you guys added to your table.
Keep up the good work!

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Nate McCorvie
January 5, 2017

I’ve played foosball since my years of going to my local roller skating rink in the mid-70’s. My expectations for purchasing a new foosball table for our family (me, my wife, 12-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl) were pretty high. After researching many a table I decide to try out a Warrior Table. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase. Here’s a taste….

-Great quality and workmanship!
-Balanced and precision bars
-Great control for ball-work
-Great ball action and fast!
-The price is right; especially compared with other high-end tables.
-Easy setup….I set it up on Christmas Eve and it took me under 30 minutes
-The classic setup of 1-2-5-4 with slanted corners provides for the classic table setup
-Great Customer Service!!! (See below)

When our table shipped we received a second 3-man instead of a 2-man. I called up Warrior Customer Service and they couldn’t have treated me better. Within 5 days I had a new 2-man rod and they even let me keep the extra rod. I can’t say enough great things about this company!


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Don Chasteen
November 12, 2016

To make the holidays complete we ordered the foosball soccer table for our grandkids game room. Warrior was efficient in service and expedient in answering our questions. It arrived on time with one small item missing. A phone call to their question line was all that was needed to complete our order. We highly recommend Warrior as a trustworthy company. As senior adults we were made to feel like first class customers.

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John Orazietti
November 21, 2016

For Christmas 2015, I wanted a foosball table for my family. My girls were 13 and 10 and I knew once hooked they would play like animals, and soon the boys would be coming. I NEEDED the perfect table. I’d been an avid player since the 80’s and had grown to believe that I knew the BEST tables, but when I started to look at them I quickly realized  how far out of my budget they were. By devine intervention, my google search for the best table showed Warrior. “What is this” I thought, “I’ve never heard of this table.” Anyway, after hours and days of painstaking research and emails to the company, I received an email from Brendan Flaherty. I told him I was worried about a table that was “only” $570.00. He gave me the pitch and was  so convincing I purchased the table.
I waited a year of playing to write this review. This table has been played aggressively by my family and friends and it is by far the best Table! It easily plays better and has better features than every other table I looked at for three times the price! And the best part? It still looks and plays like brand new. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED BY THIS TABLE! And by the way, the rod protection system has saved my kid’s so many times and is invaluable. THANK YOU  WARRIOR!!

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Jay Miranda
Games Room Director Boys & Girls Club
June 29, 2015

We just purchased a Warrior foosball table, “The Safest Table in the World”.
I am the Games Room Director The Tulalip Boy’s & Girl’s Club. Playing Foosball with 5-18 year olds was a challenge but not any more. The children love it mainly because of the Safety Rod Guards which means no more bumps to the head and chest for the smaller children.

Thanks again for making such a great and safe table

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Ed Hecht
July 18, 2016

All I can say is wow. I have been playing Foosball since the late 1960’s. This is actually my 3rd table. This is my first Warrior table. Ball control is excellent. Play-ability of the surface is excellent. You can spend much more money, but why? I played in some tournaments in the 1970’s each tournament was on a different brand of table. So, unless you’re a pro and want the specific brand of table that all of your tournaments are on that would be the only reason to get a different table for about a thousand dollars more. But, why spend that kind of money? Take it from the professionals that have played on this table, they are the measuring guide. If they were satisfied, how could I not be? Their customer service and email communication was also excellent. They answered about 5 emails of mine and didn’t drop the ball. Additionally, if you live in southern CA, do local pickup. It was 90 miles from Irvine to my home, and I did local pick up. I was glad I did, they were more than helpful.

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Tom Z
October 27, 2015

We are both over 60 with bad backs. But with a lot of ingenuity we moved it from the garage to our new exercise room and assembled it all by ourselves with no ill effects.

Great product, fun to use, very well packaged. The safety tubes are a great idea !!!

Great customer service, my silicone oil bottle had leaked out (no damage to the product, it soaked into the cardboard). I notified them Friday and the replacement was here Monday.

Only one complaint, my wife has beat me twice 😉

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March 17, 2015

-Chris Lonnett

Our Warrior Foosball Table is working out great. As I had hoped, it has become a nightly opportunity for my teenage son and I to spend some time together, have some laughs, and just talk ! The table itself is great: fast, sturdy, true. We love it !

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August 5, 2014

–Tom Hines

After looking at the competition, I narrowed my selection to the Warrior table. It’s a great looking table with all the right features, a great price and helpful sales (Evan) and customer service (Trevor) teams that want every Warrior table that goes out to be the best one delivered. I was skeptical that the table could be put together as quickly as advertised, but from opening the boxes to knocking in my first goal, I had everything set up in less than 30 minutes. I especially love the rod guards since I also have young kids that want to learn to play. Just a fantastic table and unbelievable customer service! Thanks again!

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August 5, 2014


I drove to the Dallas Fort Worth area tournament in August picked one up … drove right back home to Amarillo and unloaded it .. the next day put in the house and started playing on it… it has the best control I have ever experienced was doing tic tac shots on the 3 rod faster than spree’s 5 bar …. great table … great table … great table !!!!

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July 29, 2014

-Tom Porter

Thanks so much for the table…gonna get years of fun out of it! I know you’ve worked tirelessly for years crafting your optimum table, and have endured ups and downs. Though I can’t even claim beginner fooser yet, from a semi mechanical layman…THIS is a quality product!

I did not assemble mine with undivided attention, and it took 1 hour. The packaging and efficiency of not leaving extra space in any of the three boxes, was impressive. Not one scratch in anything, no broken or missing parts, assembly instructions were simple and comfortably a one person job.

My table is flawless. Not one gap or seam anywhere, great square wood cuts and perfect hole alignments for all of the bolts. The black paint is perfect, and I think the table surface and WTS logo are awesome. Even the “men” appear more studly and chiseled vs. other cheesy ones I’ve seen.

The rod guards are a great idea…and I think it gives the table a finished look vs. bare, dangerous, exposed rod ends. Even the end cap on Warriors gives a more finished look than Tornados version.

Thanks again. GREAT job turning out a quality foos table. I’d hide under mine in an earthquake, it’s that solid!

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Allyn Turner
Assistant Principal – Brier Terrace Middle School – Edmonds School District/WA
April 14, 2014

I have been very impressed with the playability and durability of the new Warrior table you recently sent. This is a quality product that I would recommend to any school. With a little instruction on the fundamentals and basic rules of the game kids (and adults) of any age will quickly progress developing hand-eye coordination, competitiveness and sportsmanship along the way. I currently run tournaments at lunch and after school with as many as 90 students participating, learning and having fun. Great product, great pricing, great support.

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David Tekell
April 11, 2014

My friend from Beaumont, Tx. told me how great your tables are and how he thinks the world of Brendan. I am personally impressed with your company, you care about the people who care about you. Thanks.

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Tim W.
March 20, 2014

“Great table I love it. I have people playing me that would not play me on the old table, the warrior table is truly a great table for all levels.”
Thanks for making it!

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Bob O.
March 20, 2014

“What a great foosball table. Even my son noticed the quality and speed of play match so loving it even more.
The guys at Warrior – especially Trevor – were terrific in making sure the table was double packed and arrived safely with no damage. While I am not so mechanical, I was able to put it together no problem with some help from my son. My recommendations to anyone looking for a great quality, terrific playable table at a reasonable price. Now we just need to actually develop some good skills!”
Many thanks.


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