If anyone tells you that playing foosball will give you an equivalent workout to playing a game of soccer…well, they’re wrong. However, while table soccer doesn’t provide nearly the same extent of exercise as soccer out on the field, a few intense games can actually burn more calories than you’d think. And hey, most people can agree that turning foosball rods is a lot more enjoyable than actually running for miles and miles across a field.

Foosball Benefits — And The Benefits Of Playing On A Warrior Foosball Table

Below, our foosball table company will be covering a few notable benefits of playing our favorite game and professional sport, curling (just kidding, we’re definitely referring to foosball). What’s even better than playing table soccer, however, is playing table soccer on one of our signature foosball tables. Precision-engineered with quality materials and intense, competitive gameplay in mind, there simply isn’t another foosball table on the market quite as good as one from Warrior Table Soccer.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some noteworthy benefits of playing foosball that may encourage you to get out and play today.

Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination Skills

Hand-eye coordination is an important skill in today’s day in age. For instance, if you’re typing up an essay or some emails at work, you’re definitely utilizing your hand-eye coordination skills in some capacity. And though table soccer doesn’t exercise your hand-eye coordination skills in the same way that, say, table tennis does, don’t doubt for a second that you’re exercising and continually improving your hand-eye coordination by playing a game of foosball. Seriously.

If you’re interested in specific exercises and drills to help improve your hand-eye coordination skills, check out this blog post from us.

The Satisfaction Of Scoring A Goal (And Bragging Rights)

Of course, this is hardly exclusive to table soccer, but there’s something to be said about the sense of pride and satisfaction that comes with scoring a goal for you and your teammate — especially if it took you several minutes of gameplay to do so.


You Don’t Have To Chase The Ball Around

The brilliance of table soccer, especially compared to ping pong or table tennis, is that you don’t have to waste energy and valuable time chasing the ball around the room. Foosball is a contained game where the ball never leaves the table that you’re playing on. If a goal is scored, simply grab the foosball from the ball dispenser and feed it onto the field. Boom, you’re done.

Endorphins From Movement

Again, foosball isn’t a particularly challenging form of exercise, but you’d be surprised at how much your feet will shuffle around during an intense few matches. Combine that with the constant twists and turns of the rods and you’re actually getting a decent little workout.

You’ll Make New Friends

Though you’re probably not meeting anyone new by playing on your own Warrior foosball table at home, you’re bound to meet some great people at a bar, in your office breakroom, or even at a professional foosball competition. Doubles foosball means that you’ll be playing with three other people, and it also means that you need to know and get along with your teammate.

So get out there and get used to playing with different people. Playing with other partners that you’ve never teamed up with before is a great way to improve your personal game!

It’s A Great Way To Break The Ice

Maybe you’re out on a date with someone and you’ve found yourself at a bar or venue with a foosball table. Perhaps you’re on a business trip to a company’s local office and they have their own custom foosball table in the breakroom.

In any case, a casual game of foosball is a nice way to break the ice, facilitate some fun conversion, and break the tension a little bit. No one takes the game too seriously in the moment (and if you’re good, go easy on them!), scoring goals is fun for everyone, and the gameplay itself is sure to bring about a few laughs. All things considered, a game of casual foosball helps keep things lighthearted.

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