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Warrior Table Soccer
Revolutionizing the way we play Foosball forever.


Warrior Foosball Table

Get the best professional foosball table for sale by Warrior Table Soccer

Get one of the best foosball tables ever made!  We also carry replacement foosball parts including foosball rods, balls, men, handles, bumpers and bearings.  We also carry a nice selection of foosball accessories, supplies and clothing to go along with these great foosball tables.

Foosball Tables Made By The Pros!

After years of research and development an innovative Warrior Foosball Table is quickly becoming the #1 selling foosball table in the world. The Warrior Table was designed by Warrior Table Soccer President and thirty six year Foosball veteran Brendan Flaherty to revolutionize the way we play Foosball forever. Warrior, the official table of the Professional Foosball Tour is a top caliber, durable, player friendly table that is made for the professional player but yet affordable to the general public and perfect for youth programs.  Our foosball tables were built by the pros and built to last.  The Warrior foosball table is the last foosball table you will ever want or need.

Warrior Table Soccer’s “Rod Guards” take the danger out of the game by removing the possibility of serious injury to children and adults alike! … “NO other table does!”

Players that have tried these foosball tables are amazed on what they can do and the ball control they obtain. Play is far advanced to other tables. It’s simply the best table ever made. Now you can truly play your best game; everyone that plays on the table is extremely excited…READ MORE

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Warrior Table Soccer Foosball Tables

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Best Professional Foosball Table

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From The Players:

  • Dave Gummeson

    Dave Gummeson
    “I believe the new Warrior table is the best playing table dollar for dollar ever created.”


    Hometown: Coon Rapids, Minnesota
    Position: Forward
    Primary Shot: Pull Shot
    Major Titles: 8

    Minnesota Pro Master Dave Gummeson has been a staple on the pro tour for nearly 25 years. His calm yet intense demeanor, unstoppable 5-row, and solid all around game have helped him win eight open titles on the major pro tour, including the world singles title in 1995. “Gummy” was also crowned Masters Singles champion in 1993, and has been victorious five different times at the National Championships, including 2003 and 2004 when Dave and regular partner Tracy McMillin, became the first team to win the title in two consecutive years. Gummeson seems to have no weakness on the foosball table and his highly-efficient 5-row is renowned as one of the best ever. A former winner of the tour’s sportsmanship award, Dave is also recognized as one of table soccer’s true gentleman. However, in the case of this classy veteran forward from America’s upper Midwest, nice guys definitely do not finish last.

  • Tony Spredeman

    Tony Spredeman
    “The people at Warrior Table Soccer have found the perfect balance of a tournament quality table at an affordable price. They are truly the future of competitive and recreational foosball.”


    Hometown: Cudahy, Wisconsin
    Position: Forward
    Primary Shot: Walking Snake Shot
    Major Titles: Countless

    Cudahy, Wisconsin’s Tony Spredeman is considered by the vast majority of people as the best player in the game today and is currently ranked #1 in the world. He exploded onto the international foosball scene back in 2002 when he reached the finals of Open Singles at the World Championships just one year after winning the Rookie Singles title at the sport’s biggest event. One year later, in 2003, Spredeman took it one step further, winning the World Open Singles title in one of the sport’s most dominating performances. Spredeman lost only two games in the entire singles event and defeated Louis Cartwright in the Open Singles final to decisively earn his first major title. Since then “Tony the Tiger” has claimed the Nationals Singles Championship and Texas State Doubles title (with Billy Pappas), while also reaching the finals at the 2004 World Championships in doubles with partner Bob Diaz, and finishing third in singles at the 2004 Dallas mega-event. Since then he has gone on to win multiple Open Single and Open Double titles at the world championships and other major events. One of the most fiery and highly-skilled players to come along in years, Tony Spredeman, figures to be a powerful force on the pro foosball tour for many years to come.

  • Liz Hill

    Liz Hill
    “Warrior Table Soccer has managed to build a table that has the versatility to cater to the professional tour player, the beginner player, families and recreation centers all at an affordable price. I have competed in several Warrior tournaments and the quality of play is consistent and remains at a high standard at the professional level. Besides the quality of play the table offers, there is also the very important element of safety. Warrior’s rod guard safety feature allows my children to play and learn the game without the fear of the rod coming in contact with my child in a harmful way and that is priceless to a parent. For this reason I also use Warrior tables to mentor and teach children at our local YMCA recreation center. The design of the table also allows for a new player to easily learn the basic skills of foosball. Thank you, Brendan and Warrior Table Soccer for developing a safe, solid affordable table! Also a big thanks for your commitment to grow and improve the sport of foosball and for being a generous sponsor for USA Team Foosball!”

  • Todd Loffredo

    Tony Bacon

    “I have known Brendan Flaherty since 1979 when we were both Master Professionals on the TS tour. I have won tour tournaments with Trevor Park as my partner. There is no other table manufacturer that has more Pro player input than Warrior…They speak with me, as well as many other top players to gain insight to table characteristics.”


    Hometown: Denver, Colorado
    Position: Forward / Goalie
    Primary Shot: Pull Shot
    Major Titles: Countless over 4 decades

    For more than four decades Todd is the only player to hold the title of World Champion in Doubles. Todd has participated in every Warrior Pro tour event and has won almost every Warrior Open Doubles Championship since 2003. He partnered with Fredrico Collignon to win Warrior’s $150,000 Extravaganza Open Double title in 2003. Talented in both the Forward and Goalie positions, he can be frequently be found in the finals of Doubles, Singles and Mixed Doubles. Todd also participates around the world on various tables and shows a rare grit and determination to win it all.
    Todd’s vast knowledge of foosball over the decades makes him one of the best sources of information.

  • Tony Bacon

    Tony Bacon

    “Consistency and control are not only the 2 most important attributes a table must have for the Professional Tour, but also are the 2 most important attributes a table must have for new players develop proper skills in the most efficient way! No table ever built in history has the consistency and control this Warrior Pro table has.”

    Tony Bacon
    8 time World Champion
    2015 ITSF World Champion Senior Doubles
    Hall of Fame member

    Considered by most Hands down the dominant Professional foosball player of the 1980″s. Tony continued to show his grit and determination by winning the Senior Doubles World Champion Ship in 2015.

  • Robert Mares

    Robert Mares
    “Brendan Flaherty and Warrior have supported table soccer in the United States for over 2 decades. They have demonstrated this support in many ways. From one of a kind ideas like foosball player cards, to the 1st ever Hawaiian open tournament, Warrior has always been a driving force behind U.S. table soccer as well as the proud sponsor of the United States Table Soccer World Cup team.
    I am both curious and excited to see where Warrior takes table soccer next!”


    Hometown: Aurora, Colorado
    Position: Forward / Goalie
    Primary Shot: Roll-Over Snake
    Major Titles: 13

    For more than a decade Aurora, Colorado’s Rob Mares has reigned as one of the sport’s true superstars. “Rapid Rob” has earned over thirteen major open titles during his pro career, including the 1996 World Open Doubles championship with partner Tommy Adkisson. And in 2015 he teamed up with Terry Rue to win the World Open Doubles and has continued with a flurry of success in his Hall of Fame Career. With his win in Chicago in 2005, Mares became one of only two players to ever win the prestigious Masters Singles title on three seperate occasions. A versatile player, Robert has won in Singles, Doubles and Mixed, and while playing both the forward and goalie positions. He has also earned four career National titles and was voted Tornado Tour Player of the Year for the 2000 season.

  • Christina Fuchs

    Christina Fuchs
    “I have worked for Warrior for over 14 years in both the foosball and golf divisions. And they have strived to create pro quality table that is affordable to everyone.
    The Warrior table is perfect for beginners and professionals. It is safe for all ages and tons of fun.”
    “Warriors come out and play” (The Warriors 1979)”


    Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
    Position: Goalie / Forward
    Primary Shot: Pull Shot/Snake
    Major Titles: 10

    Long considered one of the game’s top lady goalies, Christina has earned 5 female goalie of the year awards, while winning 10 individual titles on the major Tornado tour. Christina showed she could play the forward position as well during the 2006 season with two top-3 finishes on the pro tour. Currently ranked at number 4 in the USTSA ratings, Christina also earned a spot on the USA team which competed this past January at the prestigious ITSF Table Soccer World Championships in Nantes, France. Fuchs started the 2010 season well, finishing second in Women’s Doubles at the Las Vegas Hall of Fame Classic with partner Deliza Baumbach.


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